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70 Ideas From Global Best Interior Design II

ISBN 978-988-14688-7-1
Format 16
Pages 296
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2021-09
Language English

Improving aesthetics is a topic that every designer cannot escape during his or her career. And there is no shortcut to it. Read more, learn more. And then, you will understand what good design is.

As the second book in the series of “Global Best Interior Design”, this book presents representative and classic projects around the world. It is a good guidebook with grand and splendid projects after considering the readers’ feedback and referring to various design concepts.

Each project is presented with its own key points and highlights, with a total of 70. From colour, materials, pattern and design concept, designers share their unique insights and one-sentence summary of the secrets of those global best interior design.

1. 32 projects, 32 design agencies, 7 spaces and 70 design highlights, it is a collection of outstanding interior design from around the world, a guidebook that every designers need to put on their desk and an aesthetic benchmark that enhance designers’ appreciation.

2. All the projects are selected from experienced agencies (MVRDV, MAD Architect, noa*, Ippolito Fleitz Group…). Detailed sketches and plans, creative intentions, eclectic design style, and unremitting pursuit of refinement and completeness. Compared with the first series, this book brings a more unique and more individualized cultural design heritage. It is not only about design, but also a global cultural journey.


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