28th Asia-Pacific Interior Design Awards

ISBN 978-988-75070-1-7
Format 16
Pages 448
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2022-02
Language English

This book is a compilation of the 28th Asia-Pacific Interior Design Awards including 12 types of spaces and 63 projects. The judges are experienced designers such as Joey Ho, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association, Felix Li, the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. This book shows the latest design trends in the Asia-Pacific region and leads the spiritual concept of Asia-Pacific.

The 2020 epidemic has profoundly impacted the design industry but also brought diversity in ambitious design solutions: blurring boundary between public and private spaces; the surge of interesting proposals to reimagine how we live together; innovative strategies to explore our new network of intricate relationships defined by everything from remote working to shared community. Pushing new boundaries has always been a creative mission for designers. This time, the professionalism can be seen through their committed care for both their patrons and end users, while rising above socio-economic constraints.

1. Features more than 60 stunning awarded projects and 500 full-color real-life photos, covers 11 classic spaces such as food space, exhibition space, entertainment space, institutional space, shopping space, hotel space, living space and work space.

2. Jointly selected by professional judges who are the founders and leaders from outstanding global design agencies, each project will provide the professional guidance under a diverse background.

3. Equipped with detailed floor plans. From the perspective of functionality, the layout and dimensions of each project are easily understood.


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