Artistic power means art and power. The English name is Artpower, which means to promote a power of harmony and co-prosperity with art. Yili’s logo is rectangular, with black characters on a white background, calm and solemn, symbolizing that the company provides consumers with trustworthy products and services based on the heart of honesty, and constantly seeks for the righteous and sincere brand accumulation in the development process; logo shape The expression is surrounded by three sides, one side is open, which represents a kind of single-minded work, there are principles to follow, but there is also the brand spirit of accommodating freedom of the four directions. Yili International Publishing Co., Ltd. has been established for more than nine years. It has always adhered to the development of book publishing related to art design, striving to open up a broader vision for the design industry, and actively seeking diversification while continuously consolidating its core competitiveness Development route. It has become one of the most professional art and design book publishing institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, and its main business covers many different categories. While grasping the pulse of the book publishing and media industry, Yili closely follows the pace of world development and quickly opens the door to the international market with a positive and stable attitude. The books published by Yili have successfully entered many mainstream markets in the world, and have established their own distributors and after-sales service outlets in many overseas regions.
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