The Spaceagency Guide to Wayfinding

2020-11-26 19:27


The Spaceagency Guide to Wayfinding is a visual guidebook in six chapters leading the reader through the different stages of designing a wayfinding system. The book covers the value of wayfinding and the process of planning, designing and implementing a wayfinding system. This includes principles for signage placement and information design, development of meaningful design concepts that contribute to the identity of a place, building a coherent graphic language, designing products, ensuring usability and accessibility, and an insight into next generation technologies.

Exemplified by Spaceagency’s own methodology as a leading practitioner in the field, the guidebook helps other design professionals understand how to structure and implement a wayfinding project, and introduces wayfinding as a potential career path for design students. Engaging “visual people” on their own terms, the book has a bright, playful character and contains a number of visually instructive information graphics to explain the wayfinding design process, including a unique navigational system for the book itself. This book brings this fascinating new field of design to a wider audience.