2020-11-26 19:33


Since the launch of the series of “ASIA-PACIFIC INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS”, it has been given highly complimentary remarks every year. As the most authoritative professional events in the interior design in the Asia-Pacific region, each award-winning project is worth enjoying and learning. Based on the strict criteria of previous 25 events, the 26th Asia-Pacific Interior Design Awards is more professional and creative. Through the already-finished projects, this book will present the new trends in Asia-Pacific region in exquisite detail. Numerous designers’ wisdom on interior design is also concentrated in this book.

The award-wining projects are divided into 12 categories, including residential, commercial, leisure&entertainment, public and other space, which allows designers to understand the general knowledge of interior design, but also to learn the design principles in different spaces. It is important to learn the way of thinking, the creation of atmosphere and the exploration of life. Each designer should express the feelings of life through his or her design, and to let everyone who steps into the space get spiritual satisfactions.