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ISBN 9789881973559
Format 16
Pages 272
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2011-08
Language English

After one day's work the most want-to-go-back place is definitely our comfortable home. Open the door, put on soft slipper and then go straightly to our favorite sofa. These may be the typical series action for most people. Leaning on sofa we may also gasp the invention of sofa in admiration. Actually, except for the great invention of sofa, if we take a minute to look around, we will find the existence of all the carefully-selected furniture in our house which is so lovely and necessary. Making our life richer and more comfortable is furniture's most obvious and important function. Furniture is deep into our sense and souls. Some people like simple and elegant furniture, some people like furniture with rich content that can be played, some people like classical romantic type and other people may like the fashion avant-garde. What kind of furniture you like relies on your soul response and represents our unique personal preference and taste. So please open this book, find your own style!

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