ISBN 9789881574374
Format 16
Pages 360
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2012-08
Language English

Packing, which aims to protect products, be convenient for products' transportation and to promote products' sales during their circulation; at the same time, packing also means some operant activities (such as exerting some technical method in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliaries) to achieve the above aims. Packing is an ancient and modern topic and is also a subject researched and explored by people from beginning to end. From the ancient primitive society, the age of Impergium, to the scientific and technological modern society, packing has developed gradually and continued to achieve significant breakthrough over and over along with human evolution, commodities' emergence, production's development and the progress of science and technology. Anyway, packaging is always very important in our life.

This book gathers nearly all the latest wonderful package design projects, featuring a wide range of CD, wine, food, household articles and beauty cases, from designers worldwide. Some of them show many creative ideas which enrich our life; some of them present the different packing style around the world, even if we just stay at home. This book also includes some excellent student works — we give those students a stage to show, while they enrich this book with their beautiful projects and they color our life with their new and original ideas. Packing has no borders, regardless of young or old. In addition, this is the second book of Package series book of our company, and the first book, entitled with Pack Your Life, has been sold both at home and abroad. Now Pack Your Life II, hope you readers like it!



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