Shopping? Experiencing!

ISBN 9789881668776
Format 16
Pages 360
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2013-03
Language English

Since the business model of shopping mall appeared in 1950s, it has swept the world and blossomed all around in a very short period of 50 years. This is a new form for the development of retailing industry which covers shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering, service and other diversified demands in one MALL, representing a new way of city life.

This book, taking this giant commercial carrier - shopping center as its theme, presents high-quality design works collected from all over the world, showing planning from space, reflecting ingenuity from details. All the images fully display the designers’ understanding, innovation and planning of the shopping center, and comprehend the readers directly from the works that they are not only a building, but also art.

大型购物中心II 1 (1).jpg

大型购物中心II 1 (2).jpg

大型购物中心II 1 (3).jpg

大型购物中心II 1 (4).jpg

大型购物中心II 1 (5).jpg

大型购物中心II 1 (6).jpg

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