Neo-Chinese Style Interior Design Collection

ISBN 9789881668806
Format 8
Pages 520
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2013-03
Language English

Neo-Chinese Style is simply defined as “the expression ofChinese contemporary traditional culture”. Neo-Chinese Style was born in thenew period of Chinese traditional culture Renaissance, featuring theconnotation and grace.

Based on the comprehension of traditional culture,Neo-Chinese Style combines the modern elements with tradition. The furniture ofMing and Qing Dynasty, the window, the fabric bedding… all the elementscomplete with each other, offering a demonstration of how the traditional artblossoms in the modern time.

This book collects a bunch of the latest domestic excellentNeo-Chinese Style interior designs which is waiting and expecting for yourdiscovery.

新中式室内设计典藏推广 英文版-5 拷贝.jpg

新中式室内设计典藏推广 英文版-4 拷贝.jpg

新中式室内设计典藏推广 英文版-3 拷贝.jpg

新中式室内设计典藏推广 英文版-2 拷贝.jpg

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