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Innovative High-rise Buildings

ISBN 9789886824368
Format 8
Pages 464
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2013-07
Language English

A good book can affect a generation; a classic high-rise building may represent a city. When talking about Dubai, what do you think of it, Burj Dubai? What about Taipei? Taipei 101, its new landmark? High-rise buildings are the product of the era, which have gone through one hundred years’ development, become an important building type in our life, and influence the urban form.

This book includes excellent designers’ latest design concepts of high-rise building all over the world, demonstrates the different architectural styles, and fully reflects the charm of modern architectural technology, aesthetics and culture.

创新高层建筑推广 中英版-2 拷贝.jpg创新高层建筑推广 中英版-3 拷贝.jpg创新高层建筑推广 中英版-5 拷贝.jpg创新高层建筑推广 中英版-4 拷贝.jpg创新高层建筑推广 中英版-7 拷贝.jpg创新高层建筑推广 中英版-8 拷贝.jpg

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