ISBN 9789881354198
Format 16
Pages 320
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2015-02
Language English

Every brand store has its unique style and charm, whose space design is crucial in shaping the brand culture and improving the charm of commodity.

All the works included in the book is the best works of the designers in the industry. The works themselves not only integrate the designers’ understanding of the brand culture, but also blend in their unique insights for the stores’ space design. The book showcases all-round and multi-angle pictures of space design as well as their floor plans. What’s more, it demonstrates the designers’ own understanding of the works, which help peers in the industry and other people understand and appreciate the works in a more intuitive way.

Luxury Store Design-3 拷贝.jpgLuxury Store Design-2 拷贝.jpgLuxury Store Design-4 拷贝.jpgLuxury Store Design-6 拷贝.jpgLuxury Store Design-5 拷贝.jpgLuxury Store Design-7 拷贝.jpgLuxury Store Design-8 拷贝.jpg

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