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Contemporary Installation Art

ISBN 9789881354143
Format 16
Pages 344
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2015-04
Language English

Viewed as a genre of newly emerging art, installation art has endowed artists with ultimate creation freedom thanks to its distinctive characters of creation materials and forms. In recent years, installation works have been frequently showcased in a wealth of various exhibitions, becoming an indispensably vital part in the history of contemporary art.In a bid to meet the demand of times, the book Contemporary Installation Art has collected the topmost installation art works across the world, including the integral graphs depicting the panorama, detailed pictures telling the details as well as graphic design patterns and hand-drawn sketches, so as to conquer the readers with the charm of the works. The book also delivers an artistic idea that “the genuine work of art is based on real life while transcends the latter”.

Contemporary Installation Art-6 拷贝.jpgContemporary Installation Art-7 拷贝.jpgContemporary Installation Art-5 拷贝.jpgContemporary Installation Art-9 拷贝.jpgContemporary Installation Art-8 拷贝.jpgContemporary Installation Art-10 拷贝.jpgContemporary Installation Art-11 拷贝.jpg

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