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ISBN 9787536259515
Format 16
Pages 312+264
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2016-06
Language Chinese-English Bilingual

The book has selected the excellent entries of the 22nd Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, divided into two volumes:

Food Space + Living Space + Sample Space + Hotel Space

Installation & Exhibition Space + Work Space + Leisure & Entertainment Space + Public Space + Shopping Space.

2 books, over 1,000 fine color photographs with detailed descriptions. Either their majestic interior planning or skillful details reflect the current levels and the future trends of interior design in the Asia Pacific region. The book, with abundant images and texts, offers the in-depth analysis of the successful works, their innovative design concepts and techniques. In addition to a great number of fine photos, there are an abundance of floor plans, sections and other details elaborating their style, quality, category and creativity.

The book has collected the wisdom and design philosophies of designers in Asia-Pacific. It has also launched the hotspots in Asia-Pacific. With all the skillful grasp of space, perfect color matches, excellent interpretations for the nine space concepts – living space, work space,shopping space, leisure & entertainment space, food space, hotel space, installation & exhibition space, public space and sample space, it makes space even more interesting. And no matter what type of space design they are, all have their own personality.

22届亚太小书中文推广-2 拷贝.jpg22届亚太小书中文推广-3 拷贝.jpg22届亚太小书中文推广-4 拷贝.jpg22届亚太小书中文推广-5 拷贝.jpg22届亚太小书中文推广-6 拷贝.jpg22届亚太小书中文推广-7 拷贝.jpg22届亚太小书中文推广-8 拷贝.jpg

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