Hanover Exhibition — Trade Fair Design Annual (2015/2016)

ISBN 9787536259645
Format 16
Pages 288
Binding Flexicover
Published Date 2016-07
Language Chinese-English Bilingual

If all five senses are appealed to in brand communication, then it significantly intensifies the emotional links between the brand and the consumer. Therefore it is no wonder that multisensory aspects play a particularly important role in trade fair presentations. The atmosphere of a trade fair hall can easily lead to a sensory overload.

Exhibitors are therefore not only engaged in a product competition, but also in a perceptual competition. In light of this, the authors of this year's trade fair design yearbook have brought together about 60 of the best trade fair stands of the past year and show a cross section of trade fair design that appeals to all the senses.

汉诺威展览——展览展会2015-2016中文推广-2 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——展览展会2015-2016中文推广-3 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——展览展会2015-2016中文推广-6 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——展览展会2015-2016中文推广-5 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——展览展会2015-2016中文推广-4 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——展览展会2015-2016中文推广-7 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——展览展会2015-2016中文推广-8 拷贝.jpg

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