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Hanover Exhibition — Event Design Yearbook (2015/2016)

ISBN 9787536259317
Format 16
Pages 224
Binding Flexicover
Published Date 2016-07
Language Chinese-English Bilingual

More than 40 of the most outstanding international events staged in the past year are presented as usual with a wealth of images and informative texts, in the categories of Corporate Event, Public Event, Employee Event and Charity, Social, Cultural Event.

“The book is a sensational source of inspiration for every event organiser” is the verdict of the trade press. Once again this year the book offers insights into conception, realisation and current trends. A particularly interesting feature this time: apart from being extended by digital technologies and virtual worlds, there is a return to original forms of staging in event design. Narrative concepts place the theatre stage with actors, artists and dancers in the foreground again. A historically authentic venue plays a central role in this – whether a church, freight ship, hangar, warehouse or art deco swimming bath. Event design has turned to storytelling!

汉诺威展览——活动策划2015-2016中文推广-2 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——活动策划2015-2016中文推广-6 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——活动策划2015-2016中文推广-4 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——活动策划2015-2016中文推广-3 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——活动策划2015-2016中文推广-5 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——活动策划2015-2016中文推广-7 拷贝.jpg汉诺威展览——活动策划2015-2016中文推广-8 拷贝.jpg

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