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24th Asia-Pacific Interior Design Awards

ISBN 9789881987259
Format 8
Pages 480
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2017-09
Language English

With the increasing glare to the field of small space, environment-friendly space, etc., 3 new categories have been added in the 24th APIDA — Small Living Space, Small Work Space and Green Space besides the Shopping Space, Food Space, Work Space, Public Space, Installation & Exhibition Space, Living Space, Leisure & Entertainment Space, Hotel Space and Sample Space. In addition to the prizes of gold, silver, bronze and honorable mention, there is a new section of Judge’s Choice which displays the judges’ choices for their favorite projects and appreciates the superiorities of the cases in the judges’ point of view.

Projects featured in the book are original, functional and artistic. They come from excellent designers and firms in Asia Pacific such as Aida Atelier, Blu Water Studio Sdn Bhd, Create + Think Design Studio, DAISUKE YAMAMOTO/de:sign, Fuge Design Integration Co., Ltd, HAO Design, Lee Architectural & Engineering Design Group, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, One Plus Partnership Limited, One Work Design, PONE ARCHITECTURE, UDS Ltd., X.D.H Design Firm.

• The book dissects the hottest and most inspirational interior design cases from China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

• As the supreme interior design competition in Asia Pacific, the event is judged by Caroline Bos, Caroline Sohie, Greg Pearce, Shigeru Kubota, Tiham R Salij, Patrick Fong, Patrick Leung, Steve Leung, William Lim, Horace Pan, Ivan Dai, John Chan, Kinney Chan and other authoritative judges, to review and elect the best works and mention the honor.

• It is an assortment of space design projects which inherits the top quality of previous events. It is absolutely a visual feast for designers and practitioners.

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