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Red Print — Propaganda Posters Tell the Stories of New China

ISBN 9789881987280
Format 16
Pages 304
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2019-03
Language English

With visual images and artistic expression, this book depicts the history and development of New China and also brings us back to the unforgettable times so that we could review our past from different points of view. In this era, an era of mass communication and information explosion, such simple propaganda posters without sophisticated decoration can provide inspiration of design and historical knowledge in a pleasant way. It is absolutely worthwhile to collect this book.

1. Propaganda posters in this book reflect different important events and periods since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. Those posters are systematically edited from different angle, like history and style.

2. This book innovatively applies a specious “red line” to show the connection between the development of New China and various styles of propaganda posters. In such a way, readers can see through the appearance and understand thoroughly from a different perspective.

3. Chapter five, just like a gallery, contains numerous splendid posters organized by different themes and exhibited as full size images or enlarged images from certain parts. From passionate painting style, exquisite skills and bright hues, designers’ ideal and enthusiasm are completely displayed.


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