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Interactive Installation Art & Design — Art Experience Driven by Technology

ISBN 9789881998583
Format 16
Pages 280
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2019-11
Language English

Interactive installation art, an important branch of new media art, generates with the development of technology and art. This book includes typical interactive installation projects, and pays more attention to how designers express and convey messages in a variety of ways. Instead of accepting information passively, audience will actively participate in the art. According to different interactive methods, this book is divided into two parts: immersive installation and experimental installation. With 3D rendering images, photographs and video of projects, this book will explain what the unity of art and technology is and how to combine each other together. It is absolutely a high-quality and practical guidebook to interactive installation art design.

1. This book includes typical projects from global excellent design agencies, like teamLab, Dem, Random International, which witness the recent development of interactive installation art. With designers’ detailed introductions, this book systematically concludes their design philosophy and methods.

2. Including a companion DVD helps readers understand the interactivity of installations more clearly.

3. Combing theory and cases, this book analyzes how designers create more human-centered installation art with new materials and technology.


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