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Wedding Floral Design — Practical Guidance from Entry to the Proficient

ISBN 9789881468758
Format 16
Pages 240
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2020-03
Language English

Floral design is a practical and beautiful art combing creativity and aesthetics and plays an important decorative function in many occasions, especially in wedding ceremony. The ingenious floral designs not only create a solemn and grand atmosphere, but also a romantic and warm scene, making the wedding ceremony more fantastic. This book is a practical guidance for wedding floral design and making. It teaches readers how to make it from top to toe by summarizing frequently used flowers and equipment, introducing the best color schemes and decoration skills for different style wedding ceremonies. Almost 50 exquisite and unique cases are analyzed from a professional perspective to let readers know how to find inspiration and how to realize it. It aims to make readers feel the artistic connotation of wedding floral design, offers basic design skills and improves their aesthetics. With the interview of master designers, readers will gather their experience, feeling, philosophy and attitude. This book not only provide inspiration and professional suggestion to floral designers and wedding planners, but also help floral lovers to master basic wedding floral knowledge for DIY.

1. This book brings together the hard works of many top designers, such as Robert Koene, Timo Bolte, Nancy Liu Chin, Eddie Zaratsian and Zita Elze. Each case is accompanied by the description from designers, presenting the designing process from concept to reality.

2. Summarizing the flowers and color schemes let readers easily grasp the matching principle of different flowers according to their shapes, colors, meanings and so on. Readers will accumulate the experience and inspiration of floral design and decoration.

3. With a well-organized and comprehensive introduction, from entry to the proficient, this book provides the guidance and analysis of the arrangement, guiding the readers step by step.


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