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GEMOLOGUE - Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips

ISBN 978-988-75070-0-0
Format 12
Pages 312
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2021-09
Language Chinese

Did you know that jewellery was born even before clothes in human history? Liza Urla suggests that when we observe others, we should first focus on their jewellery. She describes jewellery as the ultimate means of self-expression, and believes that jewellery is essential to our identity as humans.

In this book, she journeys from continent to continent, chronicling the pieces that capture her imagination and her heart. Urla's favourite finds are presented alongside her own jewellery styling, in collaboration with various designers from the jungles of Brazil, the beaches of Mexico, or the streets of London, NYC, Paris or Moscow.

The purpose of this book is to inspire your jewellery style and to expand your horizons of what jewellery is. By looking at the images in this book, you will see jewellery in a different light and understand that it has a much wider definition than gold and diamonds.

· This book contains the best jewellery works that the author has encountered in her career, and based on her personal experience summarizes some styling tips, which are practical and innovative.

· Combining street-style jewellery with styles developed in collaboration with designers from all over the world, giving jewellery lovers unlimited inspiration and broadening people's understanding of jewellery.

· All styling photos are taken by professional fashion photographers with artful composition and attractive colours.


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