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Contemporary Installation Art

ISBN 978-1-913536-53-4
Format 8
Pages 336
Binding Hardback
Published Date 2023-10
Language English

As an emerging contemporary art discipline, installation art, with its characteristics of creation materials and forms, brings artists great creative freedom. In recent years, installation works have appeared frequently in various exhibitions and are an important part of contemporary art history that cannot be ignored.

In response to the call of the times, Contemporary Installation Art is a collection of excellent installation artworks from all over the world, with both panoramic complete form drawings and detailed displays, as well as graphic designs or hand-drawn drawings, aiming at conquering the readers with the charms of the artworks themselves and conveying the artistic concept that "real artworks originate from life and are higher than life".

- This book contains a wide range of installation art projects, from static to dynamic, from indoor to outdoor, from light to paper, a wide range of installation art types, which not only highlights the plasticity of this art, but also brings the most intuitive impact to readers, so that they can immerse themselves in the charm of art.

- The installation art projects included in this book come from different regions and countries, and their styles have their own characteristics. Whether readers are interested in installation art or practitioners engaged in related industries, this book is a huge treasure trove of creativity that provides strong references while offering ornamental value.

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